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High security doors to protect your building

Complete range of certified doors; includes SR1, SR2, SR3 & SR4

Product overview: Maxguard SR range of high security doors are tested and certified to industry bodies and standards which are recognised by insurance companies. Testing to LPS 1175 doors is carried out using various forms of unauthorised entry. For example, level 1 will allow the use of body force and light implements, level 3 will allow all the implements of level one plus many more tools such as crowbars and hammers of a certain weight.

When assessing what level of security is required, our non-certified Maxdor range provides basic levels of security, which can be improved upon by combining different variations of quality hardware and basic door upgrades. However, if certification is required you will require our Maxguard SR range.

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Maxguard SR (LPS) High security doors available certified to Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) SR1, SR2, SR3 & SR4 ratings.

Maxguard SR LPS steel doors offer certified security to meet specific security specifications. Doors are tested by official industry bodies, providing your building with certified high security doors that meet insurance company requirements, where an officially tested door is required. Doors are subjected to specific and timed attack tests, that vary to meet the required LPS standard.

Maxguard SR offers the LPS rated 1175 SR (Security Rating). Use for:

  • Office Doors
  • Main Entrance Doors
  • Front Doors to reception areas.
  • Main doors to flats and apartments.
  • Single outward opening doors available at 600x1000mm minimum sizes and 1180x2430mm maximum sizes.
  • Single inward opening doors available at 600x1000mm minimum sizes and 1430x2930mm maximum sizes.
  • Double inward opening doors available at 900x100mm minimum sizes and 2600x2930mm maximum sizes.

Maxguard SR (LPS) Doors are fabricated using 1.5mm Zintec steel to the door frame and 1.2mm Zinteck steel to the door leaf. Door frames feature a 90mm or 150mm front to back profile with integral single rebate.

45mm thick door leaf, with integral anti-jemmy strips and 6No. or 9No.  dog bolts to suit the size of the door. Hinges are BS. EN 1935:2002 Grade 13 Stainless Steel. (4No. on standard doors, 6No. for oversize doors). Threshold options of folded steel, aluminium DDA compliant and a double-ramped aluminium threshold are available.


Certified Scope

  1. Single outward opening doors
  2. Double outward opening doors
  3. Single outward opening doors with fixed side and/or over panels
  4. Double outward opening doors with fixed side and/or over panels

Hardware varies to meet the required LPS standard:


Single point locking with Mico Eltea locks. Two and three-point locking with Mico BSR 2/3 point locking systems. Choice of external access options such as round or oval cylinders. Slave leaves with heavy-duty tower bolts as standard with flush bolt extensions to taller door sets.


  • MICO Abryll single point locking
  • MICO 942 2 point locking
  • MICO 942 3 point locking
  • MICO 942 4 point locking


MICO Abryll single point locks with various external access options for entry. Slave leaves with heavy dutry tower bolts.

Hardware can be upgraded to meet different access requirements. Options include:

  • Door security can be enhanced with door skins having 1.5mm or 2mm thickness and optional part timber infill.
  • Maxguard SR (LPS) Doors can be specified as either free swinging door sets or with door closers providing door control. Limit stays providing a restricted opening are also available.

Doors are available in a choice of standard RAL colours from the Interpon / Akzo-Nobel powder range. Minimum paint thickness is approx. 30 – 50 Microns. Options include woodgrain colours, textured powder coating and the full RAL colour range.

All Maxdor doors are available on a supply only or supply and fix basis. Please provide the following:

  • Manufacturing Sizes
  • Door handing as viewed from the outside.
  • RAL colour reference and whether satin, matt or gloss.
  • A dimensioned sketch of your requirements.
  • Door Opening Direction.
  • Hardware requirements.
  • Delivery address.

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