Maxdor Entrance Doors Range

The Maxdor entrance door range provides options for retail, offices, residential, leisure and social housing. Our steel entrance doors are designed for use so are resistant to vandalism and have high usage capability built in, offering a wide range of performance hardware, designs , glazing options, access control and finishes.

When choosing the entrance doors that you need for these applications you should consider the following points:

Maxguard Entrance provides certified security from LPS level SR1 – 2, the different levels are based on attack with different sets of tools for different periods of time Secure by Design is also available which is police prefered specification.

Maxguard Slimline have unintrusive fully welded steel frames with maximum glass panels, this product can be fire rated, thermally broken and Secure By design.

The Maxdor Entrance Plus has a huge range of design possibilities, the most visually appealing doors for can be achieved for any building, with no compromise on security.

Social housing entrances are designed to be robust, secure and visually smart the Maxdor Communal Plus provides this with a huge range of design and functionality.

If you need assistance to correctly specify any entrance doors or you do not see what you require, please do not hesitate to contact us, our sales team are on hand and are all very experienced to answer any queries you may have.

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