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Maxium Doors is the UK’s premium bin store doors supplier where all our steel doors are made to measure and are manufactured here in the UK.

UK Manufactured Bin Store Doors

Maxium Doors provides a complete range of security, ventilation and other metal doors ideal as bin store doors and for other storage areas. For construction companies or architects looking to incorporate a bin store in the building project,  we offer some advice and recommendations.

Bin store doors for residential and commercial buildings.

A well-designed bin store must provide convenience, cleanliness and security in any multi-occupancy building. A bin store door is ideal in blocks of apartments, business centres with various commercial, retail and service occupiers. Retail premises where food, packaging and other waste needs to be stored until collection also call for a bin store door.

While bin stores are primarily for the storage of waste, there are many reasons to fit secure bin store doors. In steel, doors are more reliable and require less maintenance than typical wood doors and panels.

  • Bin stores help keep communal areas in shared accommodation clean.
  • Secure bin stores help keep out foxes, rats and other animals.
  • Smells of waste can be contained within a bin store while providing ventilation at the same time.
  • Bin store doors with access control ensure only the building occupiers deposit their waste in them.
  • Secure bin store doors can prevent vandalism, fire and keep waste bins in a dedicated, contained area.

Many bin store areas are constructed of cladding, brick and blockwork, steel or timber. Whatever the construction there is a secure door to suit.

Features of steel bin store doors.

A well-made and designed steel bin store door meets the functional and security needs of commercial buildings and shared accommodation.

  • Quality construction with thick steel to the door frame and the door leaf.
  • Security rebate around the door frame.
  • Optional louvre panels for ventilation.
  • Optional louvre screen panels in the bin store walls for extra ventilation.
  • Quality locking system either key or keypad operated.
  • A choice of threshold options and opening configurations.

Where bin stores require ventilation, our steel door louvre range for bin stores offers a choice of louvre styles, degrees of airflow and aesthetics. Maxium Doors provide a variety of ventilation options, including full louvres, punched louvre panels and louvres within doors. Anti-insect mesh and other forms of protection to keep pests out are available.

ISO and CE accredited plant room doors

All our bin store doors are made in the UK offering quality with value and reliability. Manufactured to ISO and CE marked, our doors meet the needs of demanding public and high traffic buildings. All our bin store door sets are vigorously tested and guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year.

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Considerations for specifying bin store doors.

Bin store doors need to be extremely resistant to vandalism and should usually provide a degree of ventilation airflow from louvre panels. We consider airflow, security and access to bins in and out of the store without causing damage, as well as the locking options. Bin store doors call for convenience and safety. As most users are likely to be taking waste to the bin store area, a mechanical keypad lock, lever handle or other devices that are easy to use is recommended.

Internally the use of a lever handle or thumbturn enables a smooth exit from the bin store. Additionally, thumb turns, or lever handles allow exit without having to use a key or in the event of accidentally locking the door behind you. Deadlocks, magnetic locks, access control systems, Fire Brigade locks or Codelocks are all available.

Given the regular use of bin store doors many times during the day, consideration should be given to overall quality, reliability and ongoing maintenance. The powder coated or PVF2 finish, the overall components and the construction provide your premises with a solid and dependable door.

Many bin stores may require double door sets. For these, a door selector allows both the slave and master door to close in the correct order to ensure the doors latch securely shut every time. A door selector will also lessen the risk of inadvertently leaving a secure bin store unlocked.

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