Acoustic Door Range

Here at Maxium Doors, our acoustic doors range is carefully designed and constructed to deliver high quality aesthetics, durable manufacturing and superb soundproofing.

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Acoustic and fire-rated solid steel doors providing great sound protection with one to four hours of fire protection as well.  Perfect for boiler rooms and other inside or outside areas where fire protection is needed. Ideal for underground rooms or those located on fire exit routes.

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The fire exit version of our acoustic steel doors comes with panic bars or exit devices, door control and is designed for open out safe exit in public buildings.  Can be specified with a choice of exit hardware with monitoring, alarm and other options to suit the building application and requirement.

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Solid steel entry and exit doors with acoustic properties form 35-40db suitable for internal or external use.  Ideal for commercial buildings needing effective noise control from extractor and plant rooms or areas where noisy machinery is located.

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A high performance louvre steel door offering effective ventilation with excellent acoustic properties.  With acoustic performance from 8-11db, it is ideal for external rooms, plant areas and where noise reduction offers ventilation and consistent air flow.

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The maximum security version entry and exit door provides acoustic performance of up to 42db and is tested to the latest Loss Protection Standard (LPS) Level 2, providing premium security to commercial and public buildings. Available as a personnel door or a fire-exit door with panic hardware.

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Acoustic Doors for Soundproofing and Aesthetics

Our high performance acoustic door range is a premium steel door with the best in sound insulation and acoustic properties

For any building with machinery or other noisy environment, these quality UK-made doors provide optimum comfort to building users and occupiers. Steel security and acoustic doors for any commercial or public buildings.

Acoustic doors for inside and outside use

Our steel acoustic doors are designed for internal or external use. We provide personnel doors, fire doors, emergency exit doors and high security options.

You can also choose from a wide choice of handles and locks, access control, monitoring to building security systems and extensive colour choice thanks to over 150 RAL colours available.

Help in choosing the ideal acoustic door

We can provide you with all the help you need to specify the correct db level and acoustic door type for your building or project. We take into consideration aspects such as the structure and architecture of your premises, the type of noise/source, sound characteristics and the levels of sound decrease you wish to achieve.

No matter what type of space you are looking to install doors in, we can offer you a full noise control solution.

Quality Assured Acoustic Doors

Our doors are manufactured to stringent standards and procedures with quality assurance compliance and any appropriate CE marking and certification. You benefit from steel doors to meet current building requirements and specifications.

All our steel doors are vigorously tested and guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year.

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Frequently asked questions about Acoustic Doors

When choosing the acoustic doors that you need for these applications you should consider the following points:

Maxdor Secure DB provides range of certified LPS and SBD doors.

Maxdor DB is available in single, double & leaf and a half formats.

Maxdor Fire DB range provides all fire rated options.

Maxdor Louvre DB provides air flow as well as sound reduction.

If you need assistance to correctly specify any acoustic doors or you do not see what you require, please do not hesitate to contact us, our sales team are on hand and are all very experienced to answer any queries you may have.

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